Many cultures and civilizations throughout the world believe that we continue onward after death, and that we have been many different people throughout our soul's journey.  There have been stories of child prodigies in music, the sciences, the arts; each able to recall past talents from those other lives they've lived.  

Could we perhaps recall those and other such abilities from the other lives we've lived to help us now?  Could we be living in a quantum multiverse where all lives we've lived, or ever will live are all happening simultaneously?  Could we perhaps draw on all those other lives now?  Are those other lives able to reach across and work with us now; and do we help them just as much?

All of these questions and more will be pondered here...  Take the journey with us and may your greatest questions find their answers here...



The idea of reincarnation is an ancient concept where the soul returns to a different body after a previous body has expired.  This has been our understanding since the beginning of our awakening in this life--in a linear fashion our souls have progressed through time and space in different vehicles.

However, as we ascend from 4d understanding into 5d perceptions, the notions of time and space fade away.  The idea of space and distance was nullified as Linwood and I learned we can communicate with each other at great distances--without the use of phones, texting, the internet or even the ever-popular Zoom meetings.

As with space so too with time.  I have been taught by my guides--particular ET beings who have helped me to bridge dimensions as well as rise above time and space--that all "past lives" are occurring simultaneously.  Think of it like this:  your arm represents your soul and as you descend down, it branches into fingers which represents your different selves that are existing in different space/time locations.  So, the life I lived as a slave in the South during the Revolutionary War and this life now are actually happening now....just at a different space/time coordinate.  The same is true with all my lives, and all your lives, making us capable of affecting, limiting, benefiting, and even communicating across those different selves.

The effects of these other selves can be as varied as the lives themselves. There could be an inexplicable fear of water because one of your selves drowned, or a repeated scenario of bad business deals because one of your selves keeps feeding you bad advice.  Or it could be that one of yourselves is especially well trained in meditation and is very eager to help you learn as well.

In a "Past Life" reading, Erin and Linwood will help you learn about one of these other lives that is having a great affect on your life in this reality.  Messages can be learned, healing exchanged, and with it hopefully some peace as the burden from the other life is both realized and shifted.

In a "Soul Embrace" healing, several of those lives that are close to you--the ones that you seem to support more, as well as those who support you--can be introduced, the balance of burdens shared among the selves to ease the loads of some who are struggling, as well as learning how to begin to establish communication with each other.